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In a series of landmark reports, the Institute of Medicine emphasized an increase in the frequency of errors in medicine (1999-2001), bringing the issue of computerized order entry to the attention of healthcare providers, as a major improvement over antiquated ordering methods. With the subsequent drive to direct patients toward organizations having these systems in place, healthcare providers need flexible, cost effective, and efficient solutions to improve patient care, thus reducing the number of adverse drug events.

Rx Clearinghouse harnesses the power of the web to improve the submission of patient prescriptions to servicing pharmacies, virtually eliminating the need for paper, phone, and fax. From any computer with Internet access you can safely and securely submit prescriptions and track the process from start to finish. As an ordering facility, you can view drug images at the point-of-order, reducing mis-orders and managing inventory, receiving medications as they come in.

Pharmacies using Rx Clearinghouse can receive orders, create manifests, and uniquely identify multiple packages, providing a much-needed accountability service to ordering facilities.

Rx Clearinghouse provides a dynamic and flexible ordering solution.
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