In an era of declining reimbursement, with a marked emphasis on quality improvement, physicians often find themselves spending less time with their patients and more time with their office staff and administration.

Our goal is to help physicians work smarter and to boost productivity and efficiency by providing dynamic solutions to leverage their time. PioneerMD is a full-scale web-based physician’s practice management system. Integrated features designed to streamline patient management flow are accessible from any location with a PC and Internet connection.

PioneerMD combines patient records, communication, and administrative tools into one convenient package. Receive real-time order requests, send patient assessments and respond to order submissions from various facilities. Search Diagnosis code with related diseases, track employees and patients, including document imaging per-patient, and create Prior Authorization reports for insurance providers. This easy to use system simplifies daily activities.

Spend more time with the patients and less time with paper.

  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Prior Authorization Reports
  • Document Imaging
  • Employee-Patient Tracking
  • Online Response to Order Submissions